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Yoga Retreat with Saraswathi Vasudevan, Marieke Brugman and Samara Chopra

May 2014

Retreat to the Beautiful Kumaon mountains where over the course of 6 days you will embark upon a journey through which you will learn to embrace the practice of yoga as a lifestyle and develop your sense of awareness and mindfulness in everyday living - awake to the present moment. Enjoy a personalized experience within the intimacy of a small group of like minded people.
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Mary Budden Estate is a luxury home-stay perched at 8000 feet and nestled deep within the dense oak forests of the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. In its untouched, uncluttered, and secluded environs, with all the comforts of home, you will have the perfect opportunity to relax, reconnect and re-sensitize yourself to your mind and to your body, so that you may begin to understand what it is that you really need.

In our time together, we will walk, chant, practice asanas (postures), pranayam (breathing practices), meditation and relaxation techniques, and simple mindfulness training exercises (such as mindful eating and mindful walking) that will help you develop awareness throughout the day – all techniques and practices that you will be able to take home and apply to your daily life and perhaps even share with your loved ones.